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Article 116 of the Balearic Islands Land Law 12/2004, of the 16th of December, establishes the Catalogue of Traditional Foods of the Balearic Islands with the aim of preserving and reappraising our food heritage, which includes the typical and traditional foods of the Balearic Islands, a traditional food of the Balearic Islands being understood to mean, for the purposes of this Law, one that has been produced, manufactured or sold in the Balearic Islands for at least thirty years.


The Catalogue is regulated by Decree 40/2015, of the 22nd of May 2015, and records the traditional foods of the Balearic Islands, irrespective of whether they are protected or not, using a mark that refers to the origin or quality of the product. The Catalogue is attached to the General Directorate for Agriculture and Livestock.


Different foods can be registered as traditional foods if they are:

a) produced or manufactured in a traditional and distinctive way, or

b) made with raw materials or ingredients typical of the region, which give it its distinctive features.


In order to be entered in the register as a named traditional food, it must:

a) traditionally have been used to refer to the specific product, and

b) be certified as having been produced, manufactured and sold for at least thirty years.


Registration of a traditional food in the Catalogue can be made at the request of an individual or legal body if it can be demonstrated that they are they only producer or manufacturer, a group of producers or manufacturers, the Island Councils, the town halls or appointed by the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Fishing.


The Catalogue consists of a set of individual records for each product considered a traditional food, which include at least: the name, the area of production or manufacture, the product’s link to the area, the history, the main characteristics, the production and / or manufacturing requirements, the socioeconomic importance, the registration number and the date of registration.


The General Directorate for Agriculture and Livestock publishes the information about the foods registered in the Catalogue on the internet for informational and promotional purposes.


Applications will be considered by the Traditional Foods Commission of the Balearic Islands regulated by the Title X of Decree 40/2015. The Commission will submit a binding proposal to the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Fishing who will process the registration application. The Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Fishing, in the event of a favourable result, will register the food in the Catalogue. The result will be published in the Official Bulletin of the Balearic Islands and the food’s record will be published on the internet in order to promote it and raise awareness among consumers.




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