Spirit drinks
Palo de Mallorca

A liqueur with a geographical indication, that is dark in colour, with a high density and a characteristic aroma. It is made on the island of Mallorca since the mid-19th century. Palo de Mallorca is obtained from the hydroalcoholic maceration of cinchona bark and gentian with the addition of caramelised sugar.

Mahón Gin

A spirit with a geographical indication. The transparent liquid has a marked juniper taste. It is made using the traditional English method, introduced in the 18th century during the British occupation of the island, based on hydroalcoholic distillation procedures in copper stills, with the addition of juniper berries. The distilled liquid is then stored in white oak barrels.

Herbes de Mallorca

An aniseed flavoured liqueur with a geographical indication, obtained from the maceration and/or hydroalcoholic distillation of aromatic plants from the island of Majorca. There are three types: sweet, semi-sweet and dry.

Hierbas Ibicencas

A genuine liqueur with a geographical indication, that is amber to green in colour and with an aniseed aroma. Hierbas Ibicencas has been made for over 200 years by using aniseed macerating different plants in alcohol and water.

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