Herbes de Mallorca
: Main course | : 4 | : High
2 live Atlantic lobsters, 400 g each 4 Pak Choi leaves 200 g Enoki mushrooms Hierbas de Mallorca and saffron stock 1 l fish stock 250 ml dry white wine 125 ml white port 2 tbsp of vermouth 30 ml Hierbas de Mallorca, dry 1 white onion Chilli pepper Lemon juice 1 g saffron 250 g cold butter, cut into cubes Pepper and salt Stuffing for the Pak Choi leaves 100 g skinned chicken breast Meat from the lobster legs 1 egg yolk 125 ml cold single cream Chile pepper Lemon juice Salt
Put the live lobsters into the freezer for half an hour before cooking. Fill a receptacle the same size as the lobsters with salted water and heat to 70ºC. Add the lobsters and cook at this temperature for 40 minutes. Remove them and leave them to cool a little; then remove their shells. Cut off their tails and pincers in medallions the thickness of a finger and season them. The meat from the legs will be used as the stuffing for the Pak Choi leaves. Dice the white onion and fry it until it becomes translucent and then add the dry Hierbas de Mallorca. Add the other ingredients, except for the butter and leave the stock to reduce by one third. Mix in the cold butter and beat the stock for 5 minutes so that it becomes frothy. Add the Enoki mushrooms, and heat the sauce on a low heat without letting it boil. Mix the cold chicken breast with the egg yolk in a blender until a smooth mixture is obtained, season and gradually add the cold cream. Blanch the Pak Choi leaves in boiling salted water for 20 seconds and immediately leave to cool. Spread the leaves on a cloth and fill them with the previously prepared mixture and the meat from the lobster legs. Wrap each leaf in oiled cellophane and cook in the oven at 90ºC for 10 minutes.
Pour a thin layer of Hierbas de Mallorca-Saffron stock onto a plate. Place lobster medallions on top. Decorate with stuffed Pak Choi leaves and garnish with Enoki mushrooms.
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