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The “ramellet tomato” is characterised by its rounded, slightly flattened shape, its rather small size and its thick, tough skin. The flavour is evenly balanced between sweet and sour.


The Agromallorca Vegetable Defence Association (ADV) created and registered a graphic guarantee mark with the aim of distinguishing the ramellet-style tomatoes produced in Mallorca.


Tomatoes certified with the guarantee mark have the following characteristics:


Produced according to Integrated Production criteria.

  • Commercial type I.
  • Size of the equatorial section between 35 and 67mm.
  • Skin colouring between 8 and 12 on the OCDE colour chart.
  • Natural shelf life of more than 2 weeks.
  • Pulp that completely separates from the skin.


The tomatoes may be sold either with or without packaging, and are traceable until they reach the consumer. When on sale, they are identifiable by the guarantee mark logo, either on the packaging or on individual fruit.


Tomatoes protected by the guarantee mark are controlled by Agromallorca ADV who carry out appropriate controls to ensure requirements are met and that non-compliant products are disqualified.

GUARANTEE MARKS  RAMELLET TOMATO - Balearic Islands - Agrifoodstuffs, designations of origin and Balearic gastronomy
Production data

Year 2023

Number of active holdings : 16

Surface: 182 ha

Production : 879.078 kg


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