Quality Labels

Meat with the PMS quality label is pork from pigs of races and crossbreeds that have been selected for the quality of the meat they provide. The Provincial Association of Balearic Pork Producers created and registered the PMS seal of guarantee in order to offer consumers a product of guaranteed quality that stands out from the rest.

The PMS quality label ensures:

- The quality and traceability of all meat with the PMS guarantee.

- Controls over how the animals are fed.

- Environmentally friendly production methods.

- The animals' well-being.

To obtain meat with the desired sensorial properties, a rigorous genetic selection process was carried out, and the food, handling of the animals, conditions under which they are slaughtered and sale of the meat are controlled.

The corresponding regulation for this qualoty label stipulates that the pigs must belong to the following races: Duroc, Landrace, Pietrain, Blanco Belga and Large White, or crossbreeds of these authorized races. At least 60% of the animals' diet must be based on grains and leguminous plants, and at least 2% of the final feed must contain Mallorcan carobs beans. When the animals are handled, maximum efforts are made to prevent any stress and their well-being is ensured. Prior to being slaughtered the animals are rested and made to fast. The animals' carcasses are controlled and those of type O or P are rejected in order to guarantee their uniformity and quality.

The PMS regulation classifies the carcasses as follows, depending on their weight:

- Porcellet: with a carcass weighing up to 6.5 kg.

- Porcella: with a carcass weighing between 6.5 and 13 kg.

- Porc: fattened female and castrated male pigs with a carcass weighing between 60 and 90 kg.

- Porc Gras: female and castrated male pigs with a carcass weighing over 100 kg.


Meat with the PMS seal of guarantee is refrigerated for sale and it bears a mark as identification. Packaged meat has a numerated back label.

Production data

Year 2018

Farms: 3

Slaughtered animals:

Pigs: 600

Piglets: 4.800


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