This winery was founded in 2003 in the area known as Es Coscolls, in the municipality of Santa Maria del Camí, a land with a distinguished grape growing and winemaking tradition.
The idea of setting up this winery arose from the interest of a group of young people who, having experimented for several years making wines, particularly with the native grape varieties, decided to go ahead with the project and realise their dream.
It is a small artisanal winery equipped with the most advanced winemaking technology, the best quality barrels and considerable enthusiasm for making the highest quality wine.
Celler Ramanyà has twelve hectares of vineyards divided between mature, twenty to forty year-old Manto Negro and Callet vines and newly-planted varieties such as Sirà, Cabernet, Merlot and Moll.
The Ramanyà wines are characterised by their innovative quality. It is a line of young wines -whites, reds and rosés- that stand out in their search for the traditional quality of the native varieties. They are intense, aromatic wines. The fruit bouquets are highlighted in the aged wines.
The innovative Goig is a sparkling rosé made exclusively with Manto Negro. Somni is a sweet red wine made with Manto Negro, in this case, over-ripened on the vine.

Camí des Coscois - 07320 Santa Maria del Camí
Tel. 680 41 79 29

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